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Moving image has always been my passion and the development of this series began after many years of not being involved with film at all, but I had been involved and had been to a film school .

Out of the blue I was offered a three week "free" use of camera and editing equipment. This belonged to the new digital age of film of which I knew nothing about.

To take up the offer I had to make a decision within two hours and commence shooting the film that afternoon! I had always wanted to make my own film, never had the opportunity, my passions was reawakened!! It was madness!!!

Because of the incredible time restraint I made a snap decision to make a film without actors. I decided to do one about the magical county of Somerset, which was were I was living. This is how my idea to completely revolutionise a travel film started.

I was unexpectadely flung into an intense amount of work. I had to , learn Final Cut 1 from the help menu (no-one knew how operate it and the manual had disappeared), I had to shoot the film, write a script, record music, edit the film - learn all this ands do it and a lot more, all within 21 days.

The days took on a manic intensity as time got shorter. Then working two days straight I just managed to save the film as a 28 minute Quicktime file when the knock at the door came asking for the equipment back. Unbelieveably my entire edit was deleted from the hard drive the next day but I still had a reasonably watchable 28 minute film on quicktime.

SOMERSET 28 mins | watch film |

Suprisingly a lot of people went crazy about this film. They thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and entered it into obscure festivals (some of which won) and I was asigned business advisors. - none of them living in the real world! I didn't think the film was commercial, they did. I wanted money to make another film, they didn't know how to get it. Finally I bought a revolutionary Z1 camera and did it myself.


With my revolutionary Z1 camera I went off to shoot Day's Devon ....

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during the course of making Day's Devon I made about twenty films for different organisations and people


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