The Glastonbury Collection...

For ten years I lived in the small Somerset town of Glastonbury. People in Glastonbury tend to think it is the centre of the world and at the time I did too. Glastonbury is not where the music festival takes place - that is seven miles away in Pilton - but the festival took its name from town because of its awesome legends. On a winters morn, on the Tor, mists rising over the surrounding countryside it feels like going back to the dawn of time. In some ways the town of Glastonbury does.

It was in Glastonbury I first started making films - the first a film called Somerset, a tour of the county and its legends. This film started the style of travel film of what I term musical documentaries.

In Glastonbury once every six weeks the town becomes a pilgrimage centre that celebrates the ancient festivals. I filmed many of the ceremonies that took place on these festivals. For quite a while television companies contacted me for footage as I was the only one with footage inside these circles. (I have a lot of footage). Some of this footage is within two of these films.

The Glastonbury Collection consists of three films.



THE FIRE CEREMONY - an amazing expression of femininity








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