Day's Devon was made almost entirely by me on the Z1 camera, but stands up as a professional film (It can be done) and is of broadcast quality. It took quite a long time to make, mainly due to discovering the "big" story element in the series. In the case of Day's Devon this was the lost prehistoric civilisation of south west England and told as an enchanting journey of discovery. After a year I discovered this story was indeed too big to tell without a decent budget and I shortened Day's Devon from nearly three hours to 78 minutes. But this story, The Ancient Mystery is still going ahead along with a pitch for several others.


See also the Day's Devon website - www.DaysDevon.com.


Only about three minutes of the orginal "The Ancient Mystery" remain in Day's Devon and has about three minutes of the new. To find out more about The Ancient Mystery go here

Day's Devon is an adventurous travelogue with a fair bit of history, knowledge and of course outstanding English countryside. It has had about 20 public showings (v successful ones!) and will shortly be available for television sales. However, it is the next part that is the focus of attention.